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Welcome to CAI, an integrated global transportation company. We are a group of dedicated global shipping and logistics experts who have a track record of successfully moving commerce around the corner and around the world. Global shippers know about our more than a quarter-century of experience in the business of intermodal containers. Railroads are discovering our growing presence in the North American rail business. And logistics customers have worked with our subsidiaries ClearPointt, Hybrid, Challenger along with CAI Logistics for international freight solutions and North American trucking and shipping. 

All of these capabilities are critically important to the customers we serve and to the kind of company we are building; a highly diversified global transportation and logistics company that provides a wide variety of transportation options.

Our success is built on a foundation of assets, locations, and expert global teams. We have the experience and knowledge to help our customers solve real-world challenges in getting their products to where they need to be, fast and efficiently. Coupled with our service-oriented culture that puts our customers front and center, CAI is your one-stop solution for all of your transportation needs.