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Global commerce in motion.

CAI is a different kind of transportation company - one that combines equipment, global shipping expertise, and a company-wide devotion to customer service and customer success. With our diverse fleet of international marine containers and railcars, and advanced North American and international logistics capabilities, we simplify your shipping needs to get your cargo where it needs to be, fast and efficiently. 

Work with the best in North America logistics

Our Story
CAI Logistics North America is a team of like-minded logistics veterans working together to achieve one goal – creating a customer-centric intermodal logistics company. Our dedication to crafting custom supply chain solutions for you is the cornerstone of our business, and we move seamlessly between intermodal, highway, and specialized services like oversized project cargo, refrigerated, and flatbed services. Our industry knowledge and a multitude of qualified carrier contacts provide us with the flexibility to meet your business’s needs. We think you’ll enjoy the convenience, visibility, and peace of mind that accompanies our highway and intermodal logistics services, whether you ship your goods across the city or across North America.

Our Benefits
When you work with CAI Logistics, you're partnered with a well-established industry presence. That means you're tapping into a wealth of benefits – including legacy railroad contracts and priority equipment and gate reservations. And here are more specifics:

Peace of Mind: At CAI Logistics, we share a common goal with you – ensuring your shipment is delivered safely and on time. No stressing over choosing a safe and reliable carrier. Let us do the legwork using our extensive carrier network. You can rest assured that your goods are in qualified, compliant, and licensed hands. Your successful shipment is our successful shipment – and our top priority.

Convenience: Count on us to carry the weight of managing your supply chain for you. Our logistics expertise gives you the freedom to spend your time and attention on the core elements of your business. We figure out the most cost-efficient and reliable way to execute your freight, yielding bottom-line savings.  We also manage time-intensive tasks like paperwork, billing, and communicating with individual carriers – streamlining your entire process. You won’t waste your time explaining your needs to person after person, trying to find someone who can help you. Your logistics specialist is just that – yours. As your single point of contact, they know you, your story, and your best solution.

Transparency and Technology: Our TMS communicates in real-time with our transportation providers – so you get accurate monitoring and timely tracking updates. Use our customer portal to access customized reports, billing, and other essential documents to analyze and streamline your workflow. Combined with our robust pricing engine, which quickly turns rate requests, our technology gives you the transparency you need to control your supply chain.

Commitment: CAI Logistics is a dedicated member of the SmartWay program, a green-initiative partnership between the U.S. EPA and shippers, carriers, 3PLs, and logistics specialists in the transportation industry. Through this partnership, we’re well-equipped to connect you with a sustainable carrier that will lower your carbon footprint and reduce fuel costs. With our green alternatives, you can take pride in knowing that your business is doing its part for the environment.



Our logistics services include intermodal logistics, fully featured truck brokerage servicing oversized loads, door to door service, and white glove deliveries.

North America Services

Our highway, specialty, and intermodal logistics experts work with you to analyze shipping requirements, optimize cost-saving opportunities, and create streamlined solutions to best suit your needs. We use industry-leading technology and our close partnerships to manage shipments and provide timely information on all aspects of your supply chain. From dryvan and refrigerated services, to Landoll trailers and air ride trucks, call CAI Logistics today and xperience for yourself why we have one of the best dwell-time management and equipment utilization records in the industry.

We keep you informed every step of the way.

•    Development and management of supply chain solutions (domestic and international)
•    Cross-dock and transloading services
•    Consolidation and distribution services coordination
•    Expedited transportation for delayed shipments
•    Management of multiple transportation providers (truck and/or rail) to maximize capacity

Ship your products via our intermodal logistics services anywhere in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada using our comprehensive network of Class I North American railroads. With our non-asset based model, you have access to over 100,000 pieces of railroad equipment. Let us leverage our strong relationships with the railroads and asset-based owners to your advantage – we’ll maximize capacity and mindfully manage dwell-time.

•    Damage prevention service
•    Wide range of quality trailers – from 20’ to 53’
•    Minute-by-minute shipment coordination

White truck with white trailer and mountains

Full Truckload

We move Full Truckloads on Dry Van, Flatbed, Over Dimensional, Rail, and Refrigerated Trailers across the United States, Mexico and Canada. By speaking directly with our driver on each load, all accurate critical information is communicated.  We do this on every shipment, every day.  Expedited “Team Service” and additional cargo insurance available for high value shipments.

Orange truck with grass and mountains in background


We handle standard flatbed shipments across all commodities throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.  This also includes Stepdeck, Curtain Van and Conestoga trailers.  Every load is unique.  Clear communication with the driver about the weight, commodity and tarping requirements is of critical importance to us on every load we move.  

We move shipments in Full Truckload and Less Than Truckload quantities.  Expedited “Team Service” and additional cargo insurance available for high value shipments. For specific trailer dimensions and availability, please see our types of flatbed trailers.

Front view of oversize load truck


Permits Required?  Shipments that require Specialized Equipment, Permits, Route Surveys and Pilot Cars are a large segment of our business.  We carefully review all Over-Dimensional requests to coordinate that equipment, driver hours, and load detail are viable.  Navigating the restrictions involved and the permits needed can be a bit overwhelming.  Let us do that for you.  From large machinery to building forms for new construction sites, we have the team, capability and experience to handle any move.

For specific trailer dimensions and availability, please see our types of flatbed trailers.

Less Than a Truckload

We provide a full range of Less Than Truckload services.  We move partial shipments every day via our Van, Flatbed, and Over-Dimensional services, with the majority of partial shipments between 4-8 pallets. We move LTL shipments in one of two ways:

  1. LTL Carrier Partners - We leverage our freight volume, market position and long-term relationships with regional and national LTL carriers to get the optimum combination of price and service.

  2. Consolidations - Consolidations on Truckload Carriers is our preferred method of moving partial shipments.  By removing freight classification and multiple terminal handling we streamline communication, enhance service, and reduce the likelihood of damage.



Whether it’s across town or across the country, when your shipment timeline suddenly jumps from standard to "hot," we can expedite shipments of all quantities via Hot Shot Service, Team Drivers over the road and Air. For your urgent needs, call one of our offices and ask for customer service.

Temperature controlled truck with sunset in the background

Temperature Control

Arranging the pickup and delivery of various kinds of temperature controlled foods and other products has been a staple of our company since we opened our doors in 1990. We handle shipments requiring climate control on refrigerated or heated equipment every day, and have experience with the intricacies surrounding the Food Safety Modernization Act as well as protecting other items from freezing during winter months. Ancillary services such as lumper, driver assist, and pallet exchange are also available.

Freight Management

Our core competency is providing customized supply chain solutions for our customers, from single shipment spot moves to full-function freight management and reporting.  We would be happy to provide a supply chain analysis for your network using our CAI Logistics Process.  Please call one of our offices and ask for Sales.  

Quality Contract Carriers

All Contract Carriers are carefully screened and evaluated prior to working with us. Our Qualification Process includes the following:

•  Carrier safety scores and authority.
•  Carrier must be registered and compliant with all CARB policies on CA shipments.
•  Carrier credit score.
•  Carrier service references.
•  CAI Logistics named as a certificate holder.

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    The intermodal container and the railcar are fundamental components of shipping – physical assets that carry goods from origin to destination. There is another critical component in transportation: logistics.

    For North American Shippers
    Supporting your ever-changing logistics needs

    From 2 cartons to 22 Full Truckloads, from Parcel to Permit, we can help.

    What you can expect from working with CAI Logistics:

    • Clear, Concise & Accurate Dispatch directly with the driver picking up your load.
    • Accurate, Actionable Information.
    • Scheduled Pick-Up and Delivery Appointments.
    • Responsiveness from Our Team 24 / 7.
    • Proven Successful Results.

    If this is your first time looking at us, thank you. Please call us at 800-886-0119 if you have any questions or specific needs to be addressed.

    Shipper Resources


    Density Calculator

    Density Calculation = Incomplete

    Our density calculator helps you determine the rate for your shipment. When shipping a standard LTL shipment, you must know how calculate shipment density to properly describe your cargo on the bill of lading. To perform this calculation, divide the total weight of the shipment by the total cubic feet to determine the density.

    Step 1) Calculate the dimensions by measuring length (L), width (W) and height (H) of the shipment in inches at its furthermost points (including pallet or other type of packaging). For multiple pieces, repeat step 1 for each unit.

    Step 2) Multiply the three measurements (L) x (W) x (H) to get the total cubic inches of the shipment. For multiple pieces, repeat step 2 and add the total cubic inches for each piece together. 

    Step 3) Divide the total cubic inches by 1,728 (the cubic inches in a cubic foot) to get the total cubic feet (CFT).

    Step 4) Divide the shipment weight by pounds (LBS) by the total (CF) to get the density (LBS/CFT). For multiple pieces, add the weight of each unit together before dividing by the CFT. Round fractions to the nearest full cubic foot number. For example, if a shipment weighs 750 lbs with dimensions with dimensions of 48″ x 40″ x 80″: Multiply 48″ x 40″ x 80″ = 153600 cubic inches Divide 153600 by 1728 = 89 CFT (88.88 rounded to nearest whole number).

    Divide the weight 750 by the CFT 89 = 8 (The density of the shipment rounded to the nearest whole number)

    For North American Carriers
    Be the best, work with the best

    Our carrier network is a key component of our daily operations, and we realize that quality truckers are what make everything we do possible. We appreciate the service and professionalism that you provide on every shipment… every time! As part of our diligent and stringent carrier qualification process, the motor carriers we use are required to be in business for at least three months. If you’re interested in becoming set up with CAI Logistics, please connect with us after that time to qualify for our shipments.

    We offer you access to thousands of shipments through our extensive customer and commodity base. From one-way trips, to dedicated opportunities, our nationwide network gets you where you need to go. CAI Logistics offers complete, accurate, and superior communication through dedicated and experienced personnel 24/7, as well as the security of knowing that you will be paid in a timely manner — 30 days or less.

    Through our own experience with asset-based businesses, we understand day-to-day carrier operations and the challenges that drivers encounter. We also realize the importance of being ethical, reliable, and trustworthy in all of our carrier interactions and business dealings. Paying motor carriers in a timely manner is one of the founding principles of our company and continues to be a top priority.

    We also have accelerated payment options.  Please contact your Account Representative for more information.


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