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Challenger Overseas
Ocean and air freight services

Our team of experts works with you every step of the way to find and manage the best solutions for all of your logistics needs. CAI's and Challenger Overseas' long-standing transportation experience comes with strong carrier, supplier, and haulier relationships in every marketplace. Whether shipping oversized loads by ocean or delivering urgent shipments by air, we can get your goods to where they need to be, fast and efficiently. For more, visit us online at

Our international services:

Import & Export

CAI offers import and export ocean freight transportation. We provide door-to-door service for everything from the smallest LCL (Less Than Container) shipment to the largest oversized pieces, anywhere in the world.

FCL (Full Container Loads)

Due to our long-standing relationships in the market, CAI's customers get the best options for shipping FCL around the world. 

LCL (Less Than Container Loads)

We handle a large volume of LCL loads with weekly cut-offs in more than 25 domestic terminals that serve hundreds of ports around the world.

Reefer/Perishable Goods 

Transporting perishables demands specialized refrigerated equipment and expertise, and we provide both when it comes to managing and monitoring these shipments.

Oversized Shipments

To handle large loads – both oversized and unusually shaped – with efficiency and safety, demands a lot of expertise. CAI creates door-to-door solutions, including permitting, police escorts, and other specialized components or legal requirements.

Air Freight Services

CAI's partnerships with air freight suppliers allows us to offer full air service for dry and perishable cargo from airports throughout the United States and Canada. We can arrange for the collection and export packing of your urgent shipment and then offer a variety of service levels, including premium, first available departures, and biweekly deferred air services. 

Our in-depth industry knowledge and experience of global shipping gives us a unique and powerful perspective in facilitating and managing cargo transportation.